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What is HMIS?

The Grand Rapids Area Coalition to End Homelessness (also known as the Grand Rapids/Wyoming/Kent County Continuum of Care) uses an online database system known as Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS). This database system is designed to store data on clients who are utilizing housing services provided by local community partners. In addition, the system tracks other valuable information to help partners make collective decisions.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development requires each community receiving federal funding to have a Homeless Management Information System. There are many online databases that can be used for a community’s HMIS. The Grand Rapids Area Coalition to End Homelessness uses ServicePoint. This system is managed for communities across the state of Michigan by the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness (MCAH). MCAH works closely with different partners serving the homeless community to make sure data is stored and maintained in accordance with federal and state policies and procedures.

To learn more about HMIS and how to navigate through different tools provided, check out the HMIS User Manual

We are interested! What is next?

Great! Your agency is ready to start exploring the HMIS possibilities. Agency must follow all the steps to participate in HMIS and able to learn more about participating by checking out the " How Can My Agency Participate ?" article.  Also, for more information on HMIS, check out the New Agency Participation category. Also, you can contact the HMIS Support Center Help Desk at hmissupport@hwmuw.org. 

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